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The Underwear Drawer

If there was a fire at my place, I would grab my underwear first. The reason being that it is expensive, and also like most people, my important documents are filed there within. What is it about underwear drawers? The rich apparently have safes. We have ‘the drawers drawer’. Why underwear drawers among the over 26 drawers in my room? It is the humblest of all garments. Why not the bra drawer? Bras are far more expensive, in fact, per square inch, the most expensive garment of them all!

I recall growing up that all important documents were kept in the ‘Chinese box’. It was a box my navy dad likely bought in the Far East, and brought home. It housed newspaper clippings, report cards, bonds. When dad passed, we went through the box as a family to see what was there. It was a treasure trove.

Is my family going to be forced to go through my underwear drawers, and move aside my sports jockeys in order to find things like my passport? Maybe it’s time I invested in a safe. Wait. I own one. I had to buy it for medication when I had a foster child briefly. Where is it? Who knows? Buried in the hoarding closet no doubt. I oughtta find it and use it. For papers. That way I can grab the underwear and bras on the way out in the fire.

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